• WASD/Arrow Keys to Move
  • Mouse to Control the Camera
  • E to Interact
  • Left Click to Attack

Known Issues:

  • HTML doesn't work due to an oversight with the menu
  • The game unfortunately softlocks to a grey screen after the first shop.

Your friend has been transformed into a sword by the "Sword Wizard" and he's got challenges (and some commentary) waiting for you throughout his Tower to the final boss fight waiting at the top!



Tower of Sword - Linux.x86_64 78 MB
Tower of Sword - Windows.exe 74 MB
Tower of Sword - Post Jam - Linux.x86_64 77 MB
Tower of Sword - Post Jam - Windows.exe 75 MB
Tower of the Sword Wizard - Post Jam - 49 MB


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very cool

I think it’s interesting when you have to leverage running away as a valid option

Really well done, love how the webgl build works. All 5s

I think the concept is very interesting, but the sword may be pushing it when it comes to the theme. the voice acting was very silly though hard to hear as it’s quite quiet, but I really like the visual style of the game. I was unable to progress past the shopkeep as I came to a grey screen. I think this could have been great if you had more time.