A stealth game where the main mechanic was intended to be that you could shrink to use it to your advantage, this was made for Godot Wild Jam #23 but I missed the submission deadline by a few minutes it seems.  Since everyone who watched me make it kept calling the player and enemies tic tacs I figured I might as well use it in the name.

I ended up not finishing it anyway but I told myself that I'd upload something and try to make it playable, so bare minimum you can finish the "level".  Would've added more but time and other factors obviously.

I'm proud of the "level" I finished at least, since it's something you can actually end. Even though it's not as fleshed out as I was hoping.

Either way as for controls:

  • Escape Unlocks/Locks the Camera
  • Movement is WASD or Arrow Keys
  • Shrinking is F

You get 3 hits before you die (the level resets) and the temporary goal I put in is to reach the light at the end of the level.


Tic Tac Scuffed Stealth-Windows.exe 35 MB
Tic Tac Scuffed Stealth-Mac.zip 15 MB
Tic Tac Scuffed Stealth-Linux.x86_64 40 MB

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