The browser version lags slightly on start and heavily on the main level.  Downloadable version highly recommended but the main level is playable in browser.

WASD/Arrow Keys for Movement
Ctrl to Crouch

Goal: Get the "mushroom" and return to Spawn

All the Sacred Dragon cough Mushrooms have been stolen you must retrieve them by avoiding the evil badgers and searching their hideout to find them and return them.  Be careful though they are dangerous.

Now onto non lore cause.. I did that?  This is a 3D Stealth Game I attempted to make to redeem myself from my last... attempt at making a stealth game for #23 of this jam. 

This time it's definitely a lot better and there's actual ai (sort of) behind the enemies and a somewhat more interesting goal which is to, as previously stated. Gather the 7 DRAGON sorry I mean MUSHROOMS (blame my chat #blamejoker) from the "badgers" lair (also blame my chat #blamejoker) which fits the theme of 7.

Along with both the "Good Things Come to Those Who Wait" and "Dare To Fail" wildcards, not as much as I was hoping due to uh... well AI being hard.  But I believe it fits at least a little bit even with what I was able to finish.  I'm pretty proud of what I managed to put together.

To finish off and to plug a little I streamed the entire process over on my Twitch and a bit on Glimesh plus I will also be streaming reviewing games and writing all the paragraphs.  You have seen nothing with this description.  


Redemption Arc - Linux.x86_64 71 MB
Redemption Arc.exe 66 MB
Redemption Arc - 28 MB

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