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The robotic Agents of Doo- Death are slowly being forced to annihilate each other.  Group up with your fellow Agents to survive the onslaught of your comrades.

Or in less flashy terms. Pick up minions to allow you to shoot, and defend, then try to survive the never ending waves of enemies for as long as possible..  Scope creep hit kinda hard with this game so it never quite got as far as I planned.  But I did manage to get it all playable and really the main thing missing was/is (depending after I post this) the full map and the rest of my intended roguelike mechanics. 

Since the original plan for the game was to make it a roguelike game, where you get minions, different types with a finite amount of slots, and see how far you can get through... I guess a spaceship with the tileset I ended up making?  Cause of time and a ton of scope creep as a stand in I threw together a quick wave system and score counter.

Let's see how long you can last...  Oh also.  I'd appreciate mentioning any bugs.  There were a few I encountered but with sub an hour left on the clock I figured... probably should submit, ya know? 

Also thanks to my friends SeaGoatGames and CBSError for the music and shooting sound respectively.  I definitely didn't do the sounds justice but hey, it was an interesting first experience. Plus thanks a ton to my twitch chat for helping me out a ton with decisions, code, textures, colors and more.  It really helped keep me motivated to have people stopping by, (since I mentioned it here...).

It's gonna be interesting seeing what games were made for the jam, I'm planning to play through a ton like I've done before, streaming all of it.  And probably on the low submissions page mostly.


Roguelike W Minions.exe 132 MB
Roguelike W Minions.zip 78 MB
Roguelike W Minions.zip.x86_64 137 MB

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