Sphere Tac Waves is a game that is a product of little time, unfortunate theme ideas, and late night code.  So the usual jam shenanigans.

Ignoring that though, there is a pretty nice score system and increasing difficulty curve throughout.  "Completing" a tier (AKA hitting the goal and entering the light) gives you a higher score multiplier and a heal  But it also raises the difficulty quite a bit faster.  Which will be worth it?  Outlasting on low multipliers.  Or speeding for the highest?

As for the theme, Death is definitely just the beginning...


  • Mouse for Camera Movement
  • Escape to Unlock Cursor
  • WASD/Arrow Keys for Movement
  • Left Click to Attack
  • Space to Jump


Sphere Tac Waves.exe 34 MB
Sphere Tac Waves.x86_64 35 MB

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