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WASD/Arrow Keys to Move
movement isn't relative so it's a little scuffed with all directions being set
Mouse for the 3rd Person Camera

Welcome to a game following some rat workers in a packaging factory dealing with broken conveyors and trying to pack up the Tomato soup so they get their payment in Cheese.  Or at least, that was the plan.  Unfortunately this was my first 48 hour jam and also my first time working with 2D art.  So it's uh... not really finished.

But I got a decent amount of it in... sorta?  There's a lot of missing mechanics and the "puzzles" aren't so much "puzzles" as challenges with the conveyors?  

For my first 48 hour jam, and for a jam where I was trying to cheese everything.  I think it's pretty good.  Most of the art was made by friends, mainly neveritelive and Solpower8 who both helped me out.

Mostly while I was failing to put this together live on stream...


Rats Get Paid in Cheese!!! - Windows.exe 49 MB
Rats Get Paid in Cheese!!! - Mac.zip 27 MB
Rats Get Paid in Cheese!!! - Linux.x86_64 50 MB

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