Note: HTML Version does not run the best, downloadable recommended.  Also be careful in the tutorial not to rush forward too fast.  It can get the text stuck and require a level restart.


  • WASD/Arrow Keys for movement
  • Left Click for Shooting Paint
  • Scroll Wheel for switching paint colors
  • Space to Jump and Shift to Dash/time slow

A 3D Platformer with fast paced movement and a lot of crazy paint mixing

Mix together different paints to help you navigate the levels in the fastest way possible, using any of the tools available to you.  Wall running, a dash, some on command bullet time + obviously the endless powers of paint and paint mixing.   There's a lot of ways to beat every level since everything can be painted, so go crazy!!!

I'd appreciate any and all feedback, especially on any bugs and such you find.  The extra paint powers have some issues unfortunately due to how I had to set them up so I'd like to get a list of all of them for fixing post-jam. 

I streamed making the entirety of the game with help from my friend NewJoker for a lot of the code and a few other people in my Twitch chat (  Plus I'll be playing a bunch of games from the jam for the next few days!!

I'm off to sleep... but please let me know if the levels are broken, the abilities are glitching or any other bugs.  I'll keep a list here when I get them and split them between "helpful" exploits and "breaking" bugs".


Parkour Painter-Final Day.x86_64 35 MB
Parkour Painter-Final Day.exe 34 MB
Parkour Painter-Final 27 MB


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really cool