May Take a Moment to load, due to being 3D

  • Controls:
    • WASD or Arrow Keys to Move
    • R to Restart a Level After Death
    • N For the Next Level

Welcome to a world of dots, eating other dots.  You are also a dot.  But you only eat yellow dots and you want them fast.

Alright so actual description, this is a game that was made for the third BTP jam in 7 days.  The theme was "Less is More" and I was pretty stumped for awhile on what to actually make for it.

Thankfully an idea was suggested while I was livestreaming work on it ( by someone in my chat.  The suggestion was a game about "dots avoiding other dots", so I rolled with it and tried my best to figure out what to do from there. 

Which ended up evolving into a game where the goal is to avoid black dots, eat yellow dots and find out what the red ones do.  All as fast as possible... well, as fast as a dot anyway.

Also, the game translates (mostly) to Spanish and French, thanks to some help from one of my viewers.  Unfortunately it doesn't seem as though the HTML version supports the way I programmed it to change though so it will just default to English.


Dot Eat Dot - Windows - V 1.0 37 MB
Dot Eat Dot - Mac V 1.0 17 MB
Dot Eat Dot - Linux - V 1.0 15 MB
Dot Eat Dot - Linux - V 0.1 9 MB
Dot Eat Dot - Mac - V 0.1 14 MB
Dot Eat Dot - Windows - V 0.1 32 MB


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i think this game has no sound effects or are my spekers not connected:)

the game completely matches the theme of the gamejam but a little bit of more impact on colliding with other dots would make it a lot better:)

Yea unfortunately I haven't messed with sound effects before so I didn't add any to this game :/


Find out what the reds do .. haha :D

I loved the feeling of speed when moving around!


Curse you Mighty Red Dot! My overlords will hear about this!